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Founded in 1987, C.S.L. Srl specializes in the design of electrical systems for the Navy and Industry. C.S.L. Srl has always been at the forefront of low voltage system design over the years. Continuously investing in people and new technologies, C.S.L. Srl is able to offer technologically advanced design solutions using modern tools and software solutions.

Recently, C.S.L. Srl has started the business of designing and manufacturing LV switchboards for automation and power distribution in marine and industrial applications.
C.S.L. Srl is now able to develop the entire process of designing and manufacturing an LV switchboard: from basic to detailed design, approval, assembly and wiring to FAT, in accordance with international standards and norms, using testing instruments certified by independent laboratories.
An important part of the company is definitely the research and development of new products and technologies that can further increase the performance and quality of the systems. The activities of our in-house laboratory make it possible to finalize and optimize what is designed for optimal operation.

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